About the French & Indian War Society

The French & Indian War Society at Lake George was chartered under NYS Regents in May 2018 as a 501c3 not-for-profit.  It is operated by an all volunteer board of trustees consisting of historians, archaeologists and enthusiasts.

The purposes of the Society are exclusively educational in nature, to wit, to work to foster a continuing appreciation of the Lake George, Lake Champlain, and Hudson River region’s historical significance, including the contributions of Native American people, the early contact period with Europeans, the area’s involvement in the French and Indian War and the significance of this pivotal event in American History.  The primary focus is on the geographic area between Fort Edward to the south and Fort Ticonderoga to the north, including important waterways and terrestrial routes. The Society encourages historical archaeological research as well as conservation and preservation of the early material culture for the benefit of the local community and general public.


  • Provide education to the public about the French & Indian War.  This is accomplished through school visits and outreach programs focused on grades 4, 7 and 11, to stimulate student interest in the area’s historical significance.
  • Provide education to all age groups through continuing education such as the Spring and Fall Lecture Series, reenactments and exhibits.
  • Establish and expand research and storage facilities to collect, study and protect the artifacts of the era.  A new home for the Society is being renovated to include a library to be used by scholars and the public to study this historic period, artifact storage and conservation and genealogical research areas..
  • Work with other area historical groups. The Society encourages research on land and underwater sites significant to the French & Indian War conducted by professional archaeologists.
  • Concentrate efforts on the geographic area between Fort Edward and Fort Ticonderoga including the important waterways and route used during the War.