Fort William Henry Museum Upgrades Its Underwater Archaeology Exhibit

Fort William Henry Museum exhibit entitled “Underwater Archaeology—The Sunken Fleet of 1758.”

For the past several years, the John Farrell Archaeology Room at Fort William Henry Museum has had an exhibit that is entitled “Underwater Archaeology—The Sunken Fleet of 1758.”  This autumn, the display room was upgraded. All of the posters were reprinted and picture frames were added, too. The room was also partially repainted. Further, a new and oversized poster—“The Tale of the Dismembered 1757 Fort William Henry Shipwreck”— designed by Brigid Shaw and Joseph W. Zarzynski was recently donated and added to the exhibit.  Fort William Henry Museum is now closed over the winter of 2019-2020. However, the facility will reopen to the public in May 2020.